Simoné Estelle

Simoné Estelle is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur Coach.

She has traveled the world on Super Yachts as a stewardess/personal trainer and trained the royal family of Saudi Arabia, is coached and mentored by a Nike Master Trainer and was personally coached and trained by Victoria Secret Model trainer, Morgan Biancone. She recently created ‘FUTUREPROOF’, a mentorship program to help Entrepreneurs increase performance in their wellness, business and fitness. 

You’ll most likely find her in the gym at 5am doing burpees and talking about the neuroscience behind making better choices. On Instagram you can find Simoné at @iamsimoneestelle!

Favourite Products: 

Vegan Protein: “I don’t label myself as any dietary type. However I’ve found that plant based food aid to high performance. I love the Vegan Protein from MyWellness. It’s packed with high quality protein and mixes so easily into my favorite protein smoothie bowl! I have all my athletes invest in this protein to aid to recovery and building lean muscle.”

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