Meagan Claasen

Meagan is a small town girl from Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape. After studying sports science, ergonomics and psychology at Rhodes, she became the sole owner of fitness and training studio Stature Lifestyle and Fitness, in Cape Town. Stature rents a beautiful space overlooking the Cape Town CBD, Table Mountain and Lion's Head, and this is where Meagan spends most of her time. 

You'll find Meagan on Instagram at @themeaganmethod.

Favourite products

Bulletproof Coffee: "I absolutely love the Bulletproof coffee. It's literally the first thing I have in the mornings if I don't have a training session or I make it first thing after my session. I'd be a very grumpy human without my Bulletproof Coffee."

Vegan Protein: "A close second will be the Vegan Protein. It's my favourite addition to all my smoothies!"

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