The Importance of Vitamin G

You know it occurred to me that perhaps humanity has lost touch with Mother Earth. The threat of technology introducing  5G , Nuclear Radiation  , WIFI , EMF from our Cellphones and Laptops. These are all waves from mad made devices that have an affect on our own electro magnet energy fields . Operating invisibly we pay no mind to the drain these have on our bodies.  

Not going to go into the science behind all this , but basically over a period of time they affect our DNA and can cause cancer or just cause major fatigue by interfering with  our electromagnetic polarity . During this lockdown its more important than ever to stay earthed .

Martin Zucker and Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra put forth a bold proposal that body-to-earth contact has the power to directly impact our health. At the heart of their theory is a central physics-based relationship. Since the advent of shoes houses, flooring, and elevated beds, we’ve lost our contact with the earth and its inherent electrical field. In discarding (or minimizing) this physical connection, we’re forgoing natural healing benefits that previously played a significant role in our physiological functioning. 

Chronic inflammation  that bane of modern existence, is set and kept in motion by free radicals, the well-meaning soldiers in an immune function run amok.

As the authors explain, free radicals are inherently positively charged. They’re on the hunt for an additional electron, and they’ll scavenge whatever they come across to get it – usually (and hopefully) alien bacteria/virus invaders, which their ravaging disable. In the case of chronic physical/mental stress and its immune dysfunction, they target the only thing around, which is healthy tissue. Antioxidants  of course, serve the same role as these supposed free electrons. They offer up electrons to functionally neutralize free radicals and keep inflammation in check. Earthing (also called grounding) in this way acts as a “vitamin G” for our proposed “electron deficiency.”

Limit screen time and exposure to your phone and laptop , get outside into the garden if possible and walk around barefoot on the soil , which helps re-align your natural polarity. Sink your toes into the sand! If you cant get out try using fulvic acid which contains natural extracts from soil that helps us absorb minerals , along with colloidal silver these two work great together to mimimic an "earthing"and to get your polarity and vibrations back to how they  should be . 

Dont let this time of  Netflix , Social Media , WIFI , Cellphone use and major screen time rob you of your electrons get out in the garden or get some Fulvic Acid. 

Love Yourself 

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