Having Trouble Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

They say that summer bodies are forged in winter. Unfortunately, winter has come and gone and somehow, we've found ourselves well into summer. 

With outdoor workouts becoming more enjoyable, at least we can look forward to a healthy dose of Vitamin-D in our future. So we’re ditching the idea of new years resolutions and opting to kick the new year off well, starting with setting wellness goals at the beginning of the year and staying “on the wagon” – as far as possible! Committing to a healthy active lifestyle in the New Year is no easy feat. However, having a plan of action and the right tools in place will set you up for long-term success.

Whether your plans are to get fit and get in shape, or just to take some time to prioritize your health and wellness, we're sharing our action plan for staying productive, healthy, and motivated through the new year.


Plan your attack!

Create an action plan, and most importantly set realistic goals. Most people don’t stick with their program because they don’t have a plan or have been overly ambitious and are not able to sustain the routine. This doesn’t mean your resolutions need to be watered down, but setting realistic goals is the best approach. Nobody knows you better than you. 

It is vital for you to have an exercise and well-being plan that you are able to stick to. This will be your roadmap in getting to where you want to be. With time you can reassess your progress and set new goals.


Consistency is the key.

By keeping tabs on your goals, you're more inclined to make improvements and stay motivated into the new year. Workout at times when it is easiest for your to be consistent. The best time to workout is not going to be same for everyone. We all have different schedules and obligations and just because it works for others does not mean you have to force it to work for you! If you're really not a morning person, don't schedule 5 a.m. workouts, you'll hate it. Identify a time within your routine that you feel would work best for you.


Incorporate Diet Changes

No workout is going to remedy bad nutrition, unfortunately. Late summer nights and indulgent dinner parties will derail your efforts. As you gain confidence in working out, you may be tempted to enjoy a few more junk meals than you would perhaps like. Don’t fall into this trap! Eating the right stuff, and enough of it, will be key to getting into shape. Health, strength and wellbeing are the results of 70 per cent of what goes in your body and 30 per cent of what exercise you do. Take control over what you are consuming. Lastly, drink more water! Overall, your body is about 65 percent water, and staying hydrated will impact everything from your body temperature to your mood.


Rest and recover!

Make time for rest and recovery. Catch up on sleep, go out with friends, do whatever you like to do that isn’t diet and exercise related – you’ll find this the key to staying motivated!

Try and increase the amount of sleep you get. We know it’s tempting to stay up later than you should, the weather is great and the nights are lighter, but your body uses your sleep time to rejuvenate itself. Make sure you give yourself down time and get your much needed rest!


Most importantly, if you fall off the wagon, get back on!

The best way to get in shape is to take it one step at a time. Bottom line. If you miss a couple of days, don’t stop altogether. Think about all the hard work and time you've already put in.

Celebrate your health and fitness wins and your milestones along the way. Any step forward is a good one.


Above all, do it for yourself.

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